Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh How They Grow

thanksgiving 2
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Can you believe that my oldest has 4 inches to grow and we will be the same height? We already wear the same shoe size and she can wear my shirts too!? My youngest is wearing her sister's old size 6 clothes and she's only turned 5 in November. I do believe my youngest will be taller than her sister!
This was us on Thanksgiving. I insisted we have my husband take a photo of all of us because even in this modern age we rarely remember to take pictures.
Business here has been busy!!! I think we are getting out of the recession! Which eases my mind because business money has been tight and I've been having to allocate household funds to pay business bills. If that makes sense then I'm glad someone understands it!!!
Work has been eh.... I will be getting a second job to get away from my 1st boss. I love my 2nd boss but she just doesn't have the hours to give me and my 1st boss is totally incompetent. No one and I mean no one wants to work with her. If I plan my available hours right I can whittle down my time to 8-12 hours with her and 16 hours for the department I enjoy. We've just lost too many good workers, it breaks my heart and really makes me angry with the bosses who run the place. It proves you don't have to have brains just big boobs.
On a happier notes, my oldest will be in a school play, she has her 1st crush will only last about a month or 2, I predict. I remember my 1st crush in 6th grade. Which didn't last very long. My youngest is painfully shy in school and just last month started talking to the teacher. It turns out we know the teacher's father. He's woodworker we've known for years just never knew one of his kid's taught school. Hoping that she opens up more and participates but she's 5! I'm happy that she's just happy about going to school!
Till next time and yes I have pictures of the felted snowmen!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grow Into Hat

Grow Into Hat
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I was all ready to take pictures of my snowmen today and I realized that I couldn't find the camera. Then I couldn't find the orange wool to add a nose on the the other snowman.
Instead I have a hat I did for a friend. I have to look up the pattern but you are supposed to be able to use the other side as the opening and tie off this end and it will be bigger. (here it is modified since I used different yarn) Right now my little friend has ears. I love his face kind of like what? you want me to what?
I have see him recently wearing another hat I made and he's much more smiley!
Things here and rainy and chilly but I like it. Makes me want to cuddle up in bed and read. Next week is Thanksgiving and I heard maybe snow. Oh joy!! It's ok, I know what I'm wearing hopefully it will get here in time from Anthropologie. I bought the same shirt in two colors cuz the style got 5 stars and was sold out super fast. I'm super happy it was made in the USA and pretty reasonably priced too!
I hope everyone is enjoying there time before the holiday season rush. Work has been kind of slow which makes the managers all worried but our sales are up but down from what the projected for right now. If you can grasp what I said then Cheers to you, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it!!!
Have a great weekend and next picture, hopefully will have a Christmas theme!!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


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I have been around but not much. Driving then work have kept me very busy. Fun time, I don't know what that is. I did get to see the Premiere of the Elbert Hubbard Documentary my husband is in. It was good and lighting does make everything look better!
Funny things that have happened to me at work. I thought I would share.
I have 5 minutes before I have to leave for work so please forgive the mistakes.
The maintentance guys have switched shifts on the weekends and on Saturday's the younger guy works (not) and doesn't replace the toilet seat covers in the employees bathroom. Well the women's bathroom anyways. The one toilet spews water everytime you flush it. Can't help it from happening and so it soaks the toilet. Since the bathroom doesn't get clean, I use that toilet so the little old ladies who work their can have the handicap toilet. If I give them the spewing toilet they hover and miss. Then there is a puddle of pee all over the floor and no one wants to use that toilet then.
Well this one weekend there were noooooo toilet covers and I stand 8 hours running around, so when I can sit I do so. I carefully lined the seat with toilet paper and sit down. Finish my business and get back to work. An hour later the Pepsi vendor tells me I have toilet paper stuck to my butt! So I stand up, I had been crouching down to put tags on the bottom shelf. I skim my hands across my pants and thought I don't feel anything. I asked him are you sure? Yes but it's up higher cuz your jacket dropped down. Sure enough sticking our of my waistband and trailing over is toilet paper that had stuck to my butt from the wet toilet! I told him I had a cold and must have missed my back pocket and thank him! Needless to say, I check my rear end when I have to put down toilet paper!

Friday, October 16, 2009


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I know I haven't blogged in a longggg time! It's because I have become the family taxi driver. With my new schedule, I drive everyone to school, including my husband. Go to work after dropping everyone off 3 days a week. Work 4 hours those 3 days. Pick up my youngest 5 days, eat lunch, try to get something done in that short amount of time and then pick my oldest and husband up again. 2 of those days I'm waiting for Art Club to end, so we get to hang around the Art rooms and listen to my husband help run the club. The other 2 days I am off and still driving everyone. Then hanging out in the car since my husband has to work at 7:15am, my oldest starts at 7:43am and the youngest doesn't start until 8:45am. Sounds fun and exciting, right?!?!
Unfortunately there is nothing open in the town where they go to school. Well unless you look at gas stations, fast food places and where I work at the grocery store as places to go. None of them really appeal to me to spend much time at since we don't eat fast food and who wants to hang out where they work. So I sit in the car and read. While my youngest plays with everything that isn't nailed down in the car!
After doing this for a month I realized I cannot do this for another 12 years. So we are fixing up our house, paying off debt and hope to put our house on the market in 2 years. Then pray there is a house in town that we can afford to buy and fits our requirements. For those who are interested they are, the house has to be smaller than the one we are in now! Easy enough this is 2800 sq feet, we would love a ranch. #2 it has to have an out building, either a garage or a barn so the studio can move out of the house! #3 It has to be easily accessible to walk/bike to my place of employment of other things in town. There are lots of playgrounds and they are still redoing the main street. Which has one block of bricked pavement! Super cool to drive over. The taxes are quite high but if we aren't using our car that much then it would make up for all the gas and maintenance we do in a year!
Hope to have pictures soon of the felted snowmen I am making for Christmas gifts!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Would You Do?

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Life has been crazy & busy. I'm driving the family to work and picking them up. My life is now being a taxi! woohoo!!
My daughter has a friend who is 14. I don't really care for her at all! When my oldest was 7 this girl told so many tall tales about how rich she was, had the all the American Girls Dolls, etc.. I could puke but I did talk to her about the lies because my daughter idolized her since she was 3 years older. Being young she was like why would she lie!!! I made the girl cry because I was honest and told her I don't appreciate lying. She did apologize and things were fine.
Now she calls every single day! Since we are all getting up in the 5am hour, I try to go to bed @ 8:30pm. Which means the girls have 6pm & 7pm bedtimes. She always calls right after my youngest goes to bed!
This Monday she came over to our house when I was at work. I received a text from my husband telling me she puked in our hallway. Now when I don't feel well I stay home. If I feel like puking I go into the bathroom and wait it out. She waited until it was too late and my husband had to clean it up! Plus send her home since she didn't get the clue that when you puke in someone's house the right thing to do is apologize & then go home!
She insisted on coming over the next day with another girl asking my daughter to play. My daughter not wanting to catch whatever she had declined. Gotta love school, she blamed her homework. She's been calling & calling. Giving my daughter grief that she won't play with her.
I told my daughter to be honest with her and tell her she doesn't want to play with her right now, after what has occurred. She just told her not to call after 6pm because she's busy the hour before going to bed. The I don't want to take crap from anyone side of me wants to tell her to back off & she's not welcome over here ever again!
But I'm biting my tongue. Or at least trying to.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Zucchini Is Not Supposed To Be This Big!

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This is the first year that I'm growing zucchini and well this one got lost in the vines and leaves. I haven't had that many flowers become squash because the critter's around here like eating the flowers! So when I found this baby hiding where all the vines twisted out in different directions, I was jumping for joy. Unfortunately if you let them get this big you can't use a knife to cut through it. A chain saw is need and well power tools like that are not allowed in the kitchen. So I cut a quarter of it and sent the rest to the compost.
My youngest was not happy that she was having her picture taken with the zucchini! I don't know why, I think at first she thought it was going to be fun. Then after feeling how heavy it was she changed her mind!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Altoids Tin Repurposed

So my youngest starts kindergarten in less than a week now. One of the items she need was a tin that held her money to use for counting. It had have her name on it. I decided to take it a step further and shrinky dink a cover for her. The shrinky dink plastic was the one that has the sandpapered back. So it wasn't see through until we expoxied it onto the tin. Kind of a bummer but I still like it. Next time I will color in in more, so less can be seen! I do like all the bugs too. She wasn't fond of the ants on the bottom but I think they are super cute!
Also when it says it shrinks to a third of the size not true. I measured the tin and I figured I needed 10.5" by 6.5" sheet to make it just barely cover the top. Well I had a least a quarter inch all around to cut off. Which I did using a jeweler's saw and then filed. Finally sanding the edge smooth with a fine grade sandpaper. So don't make my mistake. Next time, I'm going 9" by 5" inches.