Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ch Ch Changes!

So we just did our yearly local summer artisan show and look at this cute ceramic bird feeder I picked up! I just love it and it looks like a fairy house to me, so even better. He did recommend changing the rope to metal because squirrels will chew through the rope. Well we don't have any squirrels and haven't for a long time. There's a fox hole very close to our house and they eat all the squirrels. Seriously we have seen red squirrels but they never are seen for more than a few days, that's how efficient they are.
Anyways if you are interested in getting one of these for yourself. Dutch Hill Pottery makes these. They live in NYS and I think this was their first year doing the show here . I could be wrong, there was 30 new vendors this year and sometimes I don't get so see everything all the time. They also do mugs, which may be something I will get next year. So take a look at what they have. I haven't even checked out there website yet!
I am hopefully moving to days! Woohoo! I work all days this week at least, since one of the ladies I work with is on vacation. So my schedule is a little wonky but I'm getting more sleep! Lots of running around now that school is over.
My oldest got herself grounded the 1st day of summer. She went to the creek with my permission but wasn't supposed to go over her knees since we just had major down pours early. My boss was coming over for dinner and I went to go find my daughter so she could get changed. Well I found her and her friends clothes but no children. I quickly dragged my youngest to my neighbors and ran a 1/2 mile back to the creek. I then tried fighting the current and proceeded up stream as fast as I could go. The current was strong because of the rains and unfortunately there is very little bank because it's in a mini ravine. I probably went a 1/2 mile up stream when I finally heard them! Never saw how far away they were because once I knew they were safe I just couldn't walk anymore. My feet were bruised, cut and sore since the creek is slimy and jagged!
On a positive note my boss has realized that her lifestyle wasn't helping her. She's trying to give up drinking (she comes from a long line of alcoholics, so I'm sure it's very hard to) and eat healthier. She dumped her friend and boyfriend who were getting her into serious drugs and toxic relationships. She has gone to planned parenthood and takes a cab when she's drunk! I'm really happy that she is finally making good choices. I'm hoping that she continues!
I have also decided that even though I love my mother our relationship is not healthy either. She always trying to bully me, put me down, etc... The finally straw happened 2 Fridays ago when she called early in the morning. I was still in bed but answered the phone. She's become a distributor for a MLM company that sells BioMats. The claims they are making are ridiculous, that there product detoxifies the body, cures cancer, etc... My mom has been trying to get me over her house for months to try it out. Now the company sent out a newsletter that the pope met the owners and approves of the BioMat. It's complete BS. I went to the site and they never met the pope, they received a photo of him. He doesn't approve of the BioMat he just thanked them for their donations to AIDS orphans in Africa. Big difference in stories.
I called her and told her I really wasn't interested in trying it out (finally)! She told me she wanted to help me and I told her I don't need help. There is nothing seriously wrong with me. Yes I have scoliosis but it really doesn't bother me unless I do something like trying to move to heavy totes at work. I thought we were fine and then she calls back to flip out on me. She took my "No" personally and went on to tell me I was a negative person. That I had to research everything and believe nothing. So we started arguing about science which really there was no point, she's not going to believe anything I say anyways. We ended it with a I love you but do not want to discuss this ever again with her.
I was greatly hurt by all that she said and I realized she doesn't know me at all. She never visits or sees her grandchildren, which saddens me because they are beautiful little girls. But they are children and do not fit into her perfectly neat house with white rugs. She can't have impromptu to visits because it doesn't fit into her extremely controlled schedule.
My brother's and I grew up with never being allowed to have friends over, no sleep overs, limited phone calls, etc... When we finally were allowed to date my mother thought we were all going out and having orgies I'm sure. She never said it but she always hinted that we were up to no good. Even in college I had to be home by 11pm when I was home for the summer. So my brother's and I learned to sneak out of the house. I don't want my daughter's to be part of the cycle anymore and I don't want them to hear the cruel things adults can say to each other. We will spend Christmas and Thanksgiving together but there won't be much outside of that.
One more thing, I forgot that changed around here. Our kitten isn't named Persephone, anymore. We have renamed her Scrappy Coco. After the character in Don't Mess With Zohan, we totally love the name and it fits her so much. She is a scrappy little punk with a good heart!

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